Rooted Athlete is a modern organic products brand founded in 2015 in Austin, Texas, USA.


Inspired by human performance, plant based technology, chemical free living, innovation, and simple and clean aesthetic, Rooted Athlete has been tested worldwide with a brand base in USA.


With a large focus on innovative performance topicals and ingestibles, Rooted Athlete designs and formulates collections of premium performing organic products so that the everyday person can enjoy life and go beyond what they thought was possible.


Rooted Athlete’s foundations revolve around only the finest natural ingredients grown with certified organic farming methods.  The brands dedication to truly natural products is identified by the use of our signature ingredients and innovative product technology.

Jack Schram


Jack Schram is the designer and formulator of Rooted Athlete.

Known for using the most natural and cutting edge approach to human performance, he integrates this philosophy in all Rooted Athlete products.

Adding elite performance testing to the mix, Jack is also a pioneer of the sport of ice cross downhill where he globally optimizes his products under the most strenuous conditions.


Highest quality ingredients using the most scientific and sophisticated organic manufacturing and formulations to deliver the best performing products.



Truly all natural means free of all chemicals including but not limited to pesticides, GMO’s, soy, artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial fragrances, pesticides, preservatives, phalates, parabens and anything else not put here by mother earth.


Never sacrificing our integrity.


Delivering the highest performing products using only the finest organic ingredients with our products manufactured in the USA and third party lab tested.

exceptional process

Our manufacturing and farming processes are what sets Rooted Athlete apart.

We partner with organic farms across USA to source our organic hemp. All hemp is grown outdoors in soil that has been free of any pesticide for 3 years before an organic seed was planted.

Our CBD is cold pressed extracted without the use of high temperatures, harmful gasses, or solvents leaving our raw ingredients with exceptional quality and unique performance.


Cold Pressed extraction means more of the good stuff and none of the bad stuff.  In addition to our organic farming methods, what really makes Rooted Athlete exceptional is our CBD extraction process.  Most CBD companies use high heat, ethanol, harmful gasses, and/or toxic solvents during their extraction process.  At Rooted Athlete, our CBD is cold pressed extracted, nothing lost, nothing added, just as nature intended.